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We all know that great products are at the center of every profitable business endeavor but times are changing. Selling amazing products is now just part of the equation. There’s another aspect that entrepreneurs need to take into consideration and that is product packaging.

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but unfortunately it’s something that a lot of us are guilty of from time to time. You’ve probably bought an iPhone in the past and loved the anticipation and excitement leading up to the product reveal. That’s the kind of experience we want our customers to associate with our brand. We want them to feel that wow factor and make them feel special just like the time our founder Riyaz Datoo opened his beats headset gift from his wife a few years ago. He is not the typical guy to collect and keep boxes but his experience was just so awesome that he still has that box up to this day.

At 3D Crystal, we want to make the packaging and unboxing experience unforgettable just like receiving and opening iPhones and beats headsets. We don’t look at packaging in a way that’s just meant to protect our exquisite 3d photo crystals from damage. For us, it’s an extension of our brand and an essential tool to make the first impression and product reveal unforgettable.

We understand that it’s not just what’s on the inside and the quality of our 3d crystals that matters, what it looks like on the outside and how it’s packaged is just as important. The first thing our customers will see and touch will be our gift boxes. By maintaining high standards and packaging our 3d crystal pictures in a meticulous manner, we provide our customers a majestic experience they’ll remember for years to come.

We want our gift boxes to complement the overall experience of our customers, regardless of whether they are buying it for themselves or for someone else. We want them to remember how we made them feel and how incredible it is to buy, receive, unbox and reveal our crystal clear crystals.

We know that it’s crucial to impress our customers and leave them in awe from the moment of purchase, the unboxing experience, and finally when they engage with our product. This is the reason why we’ve invested a lot and focused our efforts to make sure that we provide them a wonderful experience right from the get go.

When a customer purchases 3d crystal images from us, they get a nice black protective sleeve and once they open it, they’ll appreciate that nice feeling of gently running their fingers over our fantastic textured box. We have a beautiful lip on the front, a magnet to it that holds it in place and a perfect cut crystal pocket. We’ve also added a ribbon where our customers can place a personal note or other small card they want to secure inside.

At 3D Crystal, our goal is to provide a beautiful experience to our customers. We want every unboxing experience to be special, posh and memorable because our customers deserve nothing but the best. We believe that by providing a one-of-a-kind experience, we give our customers something they will genuinely appreciate and share with others via social media or word-of-mouth.

The gifting industry is huge and very competitive so we have to be on top of our game all the time. We have to set our brand apart from the rest and we were able to do that by making sure that we deliver during the two crucial moments of truth:
  1. The moment a customer decides to spend their money on our products
  2. The moment they receive it, open it and can’t help but to say “wow” by what they see

Taking into consideration these two moments of truth in our day to day operations is what helped us succeed and get to where we are today. We were not only able to win and retain the loyalty of our customers, but our efforts also paved the way for us to captivate and capture the hearts of new customers day in and day out.

So whether you are a consumer buying crystals on our website, a reseller relying on us to produce and dropship the products for you, or a laser operator who’s interested to order raw materials from us, rest assured that we’ll take care of your needs and provide you the best 3D Crystal experience ever.

Choose 3D Crystal today and you’ll never go wrong! Send us an email at or call us +1 800-990-4010 if you have questions and other concerns about the status of your orders.

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